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(ba. 1975 )


Vincent (“Vin”) Salvo is a self-taught painter and sculptor living on the outskirts of Austin, Texas. 

At a very early age, Vin displayed "whole-brained" skills in music, art, business, and engineering. In his last year of high school, he was offered a fine arts scholarship at a prominent East Coast university. Still, he ultimately chose a business, technical, and entrepreneurial career path that began at NASA.   

Humbled by collectors inquiring and purchasing his works, Vin started to dedicate more time to painting and sculpting.   


The juxtaposition of delicate, flowing lines layered over fields of color calls attention to the cohesiveness of three dimensions, yet still leaves the viewer with their interpretation. His process embraces calculation, chance, and spatial experimentation.

By saving, reclaiming, and restoring discarded and found materials Vin reconceptualizes the meaning and value of discarded and recycled materials and augments them with modern techniques and materials.


Vin’s pieces are anchored in empathy with themes of inhibition, flight, hope, water, nature, love, and music. He finds that the greatest joys come from the confluence of mind, heart, and hand.

Vin donates sales proceeds to various local and national charitable organizations. 

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